About Moi

Born in Brooklyn, our heroine was always out to make a statement. Bold and independent with a domineering glare; Tom Catt has always been about what you’d expect to see on an episode of “The Golden Girls”. Starting drag in their teens, Tom Catt has grown into a very humble and kind entertainer. Cosplaying shortly after starting their drag journey gave them the confidence to wear what they loved. Cosplaying also granted them the ability to sew and create fabulous ensembles. As a seamstress they always try to be accurate in every detail of the creation they’re creating. Tom Catt has also been journeying through the world of Voice Over. With a few credits under their belt, they hope to become a consistently working actor. A performer by blood, Tom Catt’s stage presence is the stuff of legend. They stand at 6’4″ and take up as much space as you’d imagine. As a non-binary individual they use they/them pronouns and, like Norma Desmond, can play any role.

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