Cosplay & Drag: Endora

The first time I took to a sewing machine to create a full on look was for Endora. Samantha’s witchy and mischievous mother from the hit sitcom “Bewitched”. I’d always loved the character of Endora because she’s a woman in charge of her own destiny. She’s a meddling mother/in-law. She’s a devoted grandmother. She was also expertly portrayed by the fabulously underrated Agnes Moorehead. There was nothing about this character I didn’t like and her wardrobe only added to her mystique for me. To start, I began with a beautiful bright fuchsia crinkle chintz and a bright pink satin. Once I had the fabrics I had enough to make the ensemble. Please note: I didn’t do an exact look that she wore in the show, but this was certainly something she would’ve worn. The patterns I used were vintage. See & Sew 5796 and Very Easy Vogue 8174.

See & Sew 5796

Very Easy Vogue 8174

This was also my first foray into wig styling. I purchased a bright orange shoulder length wig that I pinned into her iconic curls. I did NOT do a good job with either the makeup or the hair, but boy, was I proud of this look. This was also before I discovered the joys of color correcting, but learned about coloring my eyebrows. Worth noting is that this is the first time I competed with something that I had fully created. Coincidentally, I would go on to use the See & Sew pattern for a number of Maude/Personal clothing items. The jewelry was made out of trim i had been given. This was the first of many witchy cosplays I made completely by hand. Circa 2014.

Photo Credit: ARK Photography

Getty Images: Bobby Bank

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